Activities and services conducted by SRTRI in road transport areas

Areas Activities and Services Contacts
Transport Policy and Economics Road transport performance review. Elaboration of concepts and programmes on road transport development Mrs. Tetiana Yashchenko
Head, Division of Road Transport Economics
Tel. /Fax: +380 44 201 0805
Research on forecast of road transport long-term development, economic methods and mechanisms of regulation etc.
Methodological assistance in preparation of tariffs, prices and economic norms
Holding scientific-practical seminars on economic activity problems of the adequate tariff policy to be applied within road transport sector
Scientific Research Energy efficiency and environmental protection in road transport Mr. Viktor Ustymenko
Head, Research Laboratory for Fuel Use and the Environment
Tel.: +380 44 455 6934
Fax: +380 44 201 0813
Optimisation of regular and alternative motor fuel usage
Biofuel use
Usage of gaseous fuel
Advanced testing means
Public Transportation Certification of the public road transport services Mr. Mykola Velisevych
Head, Division of Public Transportation
Tel.: +380 44 201 0828
Fax: +380 44 201 0885
Attestation of buses according to comfort level parameters.
Development of transportation scheme and specifics for bus routs.
Examination of passenger flows within public transportation routs served by road transport.
Examination of buses against the compliance with comfort level parameters.
Cargo Transportation Development of driver manuals to act in case of accidents (Accident Cards) associated with dangerous goods carriage, according to European Agreement Concerning International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road Mrs. Inna Shum
Head, Division of Cargo Transportation
Tel.: +38 044 455 6939
Fax: +38 044 201 0834
Consultations on issues of dangerous goods carriage by road transport within Ukraines territory
Road Transport Safety Expert assessment of normative documentation of wheeled vehicles, their parts and expendable materials. Issue of Certificates on approval of wheeled vehicles construction from the viewpoint of traffic safety Mr. Arseniy Khabutdinov
Head, Division of Road Transport Safety
Tel./Fax: +38 044 455 6976
Vehicle Scientific-Technical Expert Assessment Scientific-technical expert assessment for approval of conversion of wheeled vehicles and their parts Mr. Oleksandr Gladchenko
Head, Division of Construction Design and Scientific-Technical Expert Assessment
Tel.: +380 44 455 6942
Fax: +380 44 201 0836
Development of design documentation for conversion of wheeled vehicles
Certification of Management Systems Certification of quality management systems Mr. Mykhailo Bezrodny
Head, Division of Quality Management and Certification of Management Systems
Tel./Fax: +380 44 201 0801
Vehicle Identification Wheeled Vehicle Identification Mr. Yevgen Zelinsky
Head, Testing Laboratory of Wheeled Vehicles
Tel./Fax: +380 44 455 6943
Vehicle Standardisation and Metrology Vehicle Standardisation and Metrology Development and scientific-technical expert assessment of national and international standards Mr. Valentyn Tereshchenko
Head, Division of Standardisation and Metrology
Tel.: +380 44 455 6935
Delivery to wheeled vehicles manufacturers of World Manufacturer Identification (WMI) codes and symbols (VIS), which form vehicles VIN-codes
Services on technical and normative information search and provision
Vehicle Technical Operation Wheeled vehicle technical examination, according to the 1997 Vienna Agreement Mr. Zakhar Zaretsky
Head, Laboratory of Vehicle Testing and Diagnostics
Tel./Fax: +380 44 455 6772
Examination of vehicles technical state during the mandatory technical inspection
Examination of wheeled vehicles operating in international carriage
Expert assessment of vehicles from the viewpoint of commodity delivery
Scientific-technical expert assessment on loss of consumable properties of wheeled vehicles
Scientific-technical expert assessment on loss of consumable properties of pneumatic tyres
Development of temporary norms on average durability of vehicles pneumatic and non-pneumatic tyres
Development of temporary norms on durability of vehicles batteries
Certification of Vehicles, their parts and equipment Certification of wheeled vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles etc.), their parts and equipment Mr. Viktor Pinchuk
Head, Division on Certification of Foreign Products
Tel.: +380 44 455 6975<
Technical surveillance of the certified products
Testing of wheeled vehicle, their parts and equipment
Fuel Consumption Standardisation Development of temporary fuel consumption norms by wheeled vehicles. Mr. Oleksiy Klymenko
Deputy Head, Research Laboratory for Fuel Use and the Environment
Tel./Fax: +380 44 201 0813
Expert assessment and registration of fuel consumption norms by specialised vehicles.
Design Work (construction, renovation etc.) Architectural and construction design. Mr. Mykola Dunaievsky
Chief Design Engineer
Tel./Fax: +380 44 455 6782
Development of design documentation for construction and renovation of road transport infrastructures objects.
Development of design documentation for construction and renovation of industrial, commercial and residential buildings.
Design of internal and external engineering systems, networks and constructions.
Preparation of special parts of the design documentation.
Typical design solutions.
Road Transport Services Certification Certification of services on expert assessment of documentation allowing conversion of wheeled vehicles Mr. Serhiy Zharov
Head, Division on Certification of Services
Tel.: +380 44 201 0814
Certification of services on technical maintenance and repair of wheeled vehicle and their parts
Application of Digital Tachographs Inspection of the process on maintenance of digital tachographs Ms. Zoia Degtiar
Deputy Head, Research Laboratory for Fuel Use and the Environment
Tel.: +380 44 455 6934
Fax: +380 44 201 0813
Issuing of digital tachograph cards (for drivers, workshops etc.) and provision of services for their circulation during the life-cycle


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